Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Lists Are Coming People

The latest blog phenomena this week seems to be lists of the most relevant bands from various regions ( the UK, Canada, and our very own USA).

I've decided to make a list that is simply the top 40 most relevant bands in the world today. I plan to take the Thanksgiving weekend to compile this list and expect to have it up on Monday. Any suggestions will be welcome.

Coffee Stain

"Today I have Achieved absolutely naught, in just being out of the house I've lost out. If I wanted to end up with more now, I should have just stayed in bed like I know how."
-The Streets

Thank you moron behind the counter at local deli I shant ever go to again.

Thanks so much that coffee lid is on quite tight I'm sure.

Oh wait no it's not, now my shirt is adorned with a lovely coffee stain.

I'm over reacting really the stain is certainly negligable. However, knowing it's there I've resigned myself to a day of feeling self concious. The stain defines me today. I worry that if I were to meet a hero of mine (Bill Clinton or Jay Z for example) or worse a sexxy celebutaunt (Scarlette Johansen or Sara Silverman perhaps), they would look at me as an ingrate who cares not even the slightest bit for his appearance. I worry that no one will see past this coffee stain.