Monday, March 06, 2006

Today's "Best Song Ever"

David Bowie "Life On Mars"

The scope of a song like "Life On Mars" would only be attempted by maybe four rock bands currently making music. Of those four two are already firmly classified in the classic rock milieu (U2 and Radiohead). The other two (Arcade Fire and Interpol)would certainly curb the song's general tone of spacey wierdness with a sort of emotional coldness that is the standard in modern-North-American-borderline-mainstream-indie-rock.

Post punk rock it's hard to dream big with your artistic compass in tact. It's sad in a way to think that somewhere someone is writing a song as great as "Life On Mars" and questioning it's artistic value because it's too cheesy. It may just be exactly what's ailling rock and roll(in so far as rock and roll is ailing at all, which I would say it's not really*).

Download, Listen, Discuss.

*Playing devil's advocate is a fun game.