Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Miseducation of Terrible Tim

Terrible Tim is a national tressure. A singer song writer and television personality for almost (if not more than) a decade, Tim speaks to the wants and desires of all Americans. He's penned the sort of songs that define generations but has chosen to remain far away from the corporate world of homogenized prepackaged music. He's penned classics like "I Ran Out of Toilet Paper" and "Blunted" ("I wanna get blunted/ so break out the blunts"). All this and he's only 44 years old. It seems we have a long way to go with Tim. Terrible Tim's television show on Staten Island's CTV is one of the most prized pieces of programing on that station. Check out his website, where many of his hits are waiting to be heard. We here at JEST have spent tens of minutes pouring over these brilliant songs. REPRASENT!!!

A Day In the Life (Devendra Banhart)

When Devendra Banhart awoke yesterday he was greeted with the sounds of birds chirping and cash registers across the country (or at least in Williamsburg) chachinging sales of his new album. He was in New York as musicians are known to be when their albums are released. He parobably ate breakfast, judging from his body size he either starts with fruit or wheat germ. "But Tim," you're all thinking "How do you know of Devendra's daily ritual, and his body mass? Surely, you weren't able to sermize this from listening to Mr. Banhart's brilliant new 'Cripple Crow' album, lest you be witch."

Well no blog readers I'm no witch, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the affable Mr. Devendra Banhart yesterday after stumbling into an instore performance/signing at Virgin Megastore yesterday. This was right after my brief on the street encounter with Saturday Night Live's Amy Poehler. What a wierd smattering of events. I made up the stuff about Devendra's breakfast. I really have no idea what he ate.