Wednesday, June 07, 2006

An Album Worth Loving: TV On the Radio Return To Cookie Mountain

What a terrible album name. What a terrible album cover. I suppose the major label leap has destroyed TV On the Radio. But wait...

It's amazing. A sure thing guaranteed album of the year contender. A band for the first time recording as a band and coming up with something almost as remarkable as the finest EP ever recorded Young Liars. Don't get it wrong though Return To Cookie Mountain is not the extended version of that brilliant EP we were all hopeing for. This is a totallydifferent beast.

The album jumps from old soul tourch songs, rythmic shoe-gaze, and ante cut and paste pop. The album is a master-stroke of variety and synergy. I don't know that Interscope will be glad about investing in such a challenging band. I don't know that the indie elites will have room on their shelves for a corporately stamped band. But what I know is I've been living in this album for a couple of days and it shows no signs of letting go.

The album is out June 12th.

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Chihei Hatakeyama "Inside of the Pocket"

It's amazing how sound can fill a space. Finding room in between and around other sounds. Filling out the empty spaces in conversation without being obtrusive. This composition finds a great space amongst clamoring discussion and abrupt quiet. Melodically rich and atmosphericly pleasant it is remarkably functional music.

Downlaod, Listen, Discuss.