Friday, June 09, 2006

The Belle and Sebastian vs. Smiths Debate Goes International

A fellow from Denmark has called me out on His MMSN page thing

"Accidentally I stumbled across this American arguing "Belle & Sebastian are better than The Smiths". This means war!"

I think he's saying American in an almost racial slur like fashion.

He may be the same fellow that posted a response to my post from yesterday.

Where's Richey? Sayeth:

"This is blasphemy, and I will have none of it.

1 Belle and Sebastian is a great band, and ten years ago they were even predicted to be "the new Smiths". Mostly because they sounded alot like The Smiths of course.
2 Belle and Sebastian has got the same clever miserable songs of love and loneliness as The Smiths, but without all the disturbing elements of fear of sex, violence, children being abused and Thatcher being killed etc, which made Morrisseys lyrics so special.
3 The Smiths broke up in part because Marr wanted musical experiments, which is quite obvious listening to Strangeways. The band was in a constant development though, unlike Belle and Sebastian who sounds just like they did ten years ago. Unfortunately they also made better records ten years ago.

I actually really likes Belle and Sebastian though. And Meat is murder is the fookin best Smiths album."

My Rebuttal:
1 Your first comment bares no rebuttal. Indeed B&S have a smilar tone and melodic sense to the smiths. Though let's be honest the Smiths sound is clearly more of a traditional rock band sound while Belle dwell in a more unique chamber pop sort of sound.
2 I would say Stuart Murdoch's disection of Catholic guilt and the sexual fumblings of inexperienced youth are in some ways more interesting and have even deeper underpinnings than the Smiths' songs.
3 This year's The Life Pursuit sounds strikingly different from earlier B&S releases. It incorporates old T-Rex style rock stomp, country, AM Pop, and even some R & B twinges. I wonder sir if you've even given the album a glance.

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Yo La Tengo "Beanbag"

In hindesite the last Yo La Tengo album, the ultimately very pleasant and yet still mildly dissapointing Summer Sun, was really a very sunny pop album played at comatose tempos. This song from their new album (entitled I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass) seems to rectify all of the problems of the last one. They Up the tempo to a lite gallup, add horns, and a fuzz guitar and make some of the prettiest harmonies of their career. I've put it on my My Space!

Download, Listen, Discuss.