Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tom Cruise is Cool Anyway

I've taken recently to defending Tom Cruise. I don't know why I care... well that's not true I care cause the movie Jery Maguire is great. In fact pound for pound I'd say Tom Cruise tends to choose interesting and enjoyable movies. (One or the other most of the time.)

I also think that people jump all over a guy just cause he has some sort of loopy ideas (or seemingly loopy ideas) and decides to be vocal about them. Well how about this, here are some crazy ideas I have:

-I think it's cool that singer songwriter Jeff Buckley drowned, in fact I think it's the only thing that's even sort of cool about him.

-I find certain types of gravy to be good on inapropriate meats. For example I enjoy chicken gravy on roast beef!

-I think Thursday should be called hump day because Thursday and Friday feel just as long as Monday and Tuesday and isn't it supposed to be quicker on the way down?

-Frankenberry cereal sucked! But the box was worth it.

-If a woman wants you to stop stairing at her she should just stop crying.

So there you go persecute me! Rob me of my deserved Oscar for best actor for the classic film Jerry Maguire. See what I care, I'm gonna train my scientological love child to stab people who talk too much in the Jowls!

Check out the blog that started me on this tear, Ana knows how to get the net buzzing.

My top 5 favorite Tom Cruise movies:
1-Jerry Maguire
2-A Few Good Men
3-Risky Business
4-Born on the 4th of July

Today's "Best Song Ever"

T.I "Top Back"

The beat on this song is sort of an after thought. An after thought with incredible effective string stabs but an afterthought none the less. T.I. anchors this song with what might be his best chorus. (Well it might be his best chorus if "What You Know" wasn't the best shit ever but ya know.) The song could be accopela, in fact the first few seconds are and it's a certain kind of exhilirating. It's good to be moving outward from the first four songs on this album.

Download, Listen, Discuss.