Monday, August 06, 2007

David Wain's A Busy Fellow Right?

Yesterday I skipped Blonde Redhead and I'm From Barcelona at McCarren to see the new State saturated comedy The Ten. While I don't regret missing an apparently mediocre set from a band I feel indifferent about(Blonde Redhead) or an apparently amazing set from a band I can't stand (I'm From Barcelona), The Ten did not please me as much as I'd hoped.

I've begun to feel that perhaps the cast of the State(and subsequently Stella and Reno 911), work their best magic in short snaps. Indeed the movie did bare this theory out as several segments sent me to the moon but the cohesive piece left me feeling unfullfilled.

Another example is the very funny (and $10.75 cheaper than a movie) debut of David Wain's internet show on Here's hoping he ends up on regular TV again soon.*

*In good semi-related news Michael Showalter is producing a new show for Comedy Central that stars Michael Ian Black called... The Michael Ian Black Show.

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Okkervil River's The Stage Names

The Stage Names seemed as sure a Best New Music thing as any album coming out this year. After a generally perceived slight of Okkervil River's pseudo classic Black Sheep Boy a couple of years back and a steadily increasing presence amongst the indie intelligentsia it seemed unlikely that the new album would get anything but it's due.

I've had the album sitting on my iPod unattended for weeks. This is surprising to me as I very early on championed it's predecessor and lamented several missed opportunities to see this band since it's release. After reading the Pitchfork review I decided it was time I gave this sure to be super album a listen. The sad truth is I feel like the Best New Music inclusion feels more like a play for retroactive retribution than a genuine endorsement of this (fine but not spectacular) album.

I can't imagine a true accolade of Black Sheep Boy feeling totally satisfied by this less tune full, seemingly less emotional turn from a band that before pulled out the big room energy and immediacy that this album is reported to improve on.

Don't think that I'm suggesting to skip this album hopefully subsequent albums will reveal a deeper subtext but don't expect an album that Pitchfork seems to think is .2 better than it's predecessor. It's not this album.

Album high light: The penultimate track on this album "John Allyn Smith Sails" is it's best displaying range and beautifully written lyrics, plus a killer(could've been terrible but isn't) Beach Boys reference.

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R.I.P. Lee Hazlewood

Lee Hazlewood was way better than Neil Diamond and he got lots of ladies...