Thursday, August 11, 2005


I've heard the first two tracks and am waaaay psyched.

"Heaven is a truck."

I could make an entire blog filled with all the "hilarious" ways Jest Managing Editor Brad Bates makes fun of me, but I shant. The other day however I purchased a Burger-Bite at the local 7-11. It was a delicious (if remarkably unhealthy) lunch. Brad Bates: "You are the only person in New York who eats at 7-11... The only people who eat at 7-11 are truckers, and they hate their lives."

Sweet Consensus! I'm Pretty dead on About these Here New York Subways

Do to personal proximity I tend to hate the R and W trains more than the N but that whole yellow line needs some serious revamping. Today the Straphangers Association rated trains and my opinions seem to fit in tightly with theirs. Probably wouldn't have put the L so low (it's always reliable on the way to Northsix, plus it tends to have the prettiest people of any train), but I don't know the 7 and E lines very well.

What I do know is my favorite trains (6,4 and 1,9) did awesome. Deservedly so! Subways make me happy!

Here's the ranking:

1) 6
2) 1/9
3) 7
4) 4
5) E
6) J/Z
7) L
8) 5
9) Q
10) 2
11) 3
12) V
13) F
14) A
15) D
16) R
17) M
18) B
19) W
20) C
21) N

It's kind of amazing how many trains there are, ain't it?