Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bad Ass Spitzer Ads!

Check out the Elliot Spitzer for Governor advertisements I'm so fond of.


There's A Bureaucracy In My Pants

Serioulsy is there ANY reason a pair of pants should have two of those metal tab-y things AND a button. (Not to mention the always necassary zipper.) I might as well be wearing an effing corset!

Good Bye Tom Delay!

Congressman Tom Delay is leaving. Sad of course but very

The good news is now with only 9 months left in his tenure in congress, he can really go ape shit with his corruption. After his announcement this morning "The Hammer" immediatly demanded a lobbyist falate him. A nearby oil tycoon was enlisted as a camera man. A member of the Saudi royal family was asked (and gladly obliged) to punch small household pets. I'm gonna miss him.
Puppy moments before being punched by a member of the Saudi royal family.

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Sufjan Stevens "To Be Alone With You"

The tranquility offered by Sufjan Steven's most God (God with a capital "g") oriented work is ideal for crack of dawn transportation. It facilitates a calm pseudo-nap. It also alows me to avoid conversations with various adults who share my commute route. How would Jesus avoid awkward conversation?

Download, Listen, Discuss.