Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bible Adventures!!!!

This article about the Christian Gaming Conference, reminded me of the awesome video game classic Bible Adventures. This of course lead to an eBay search. Which leads me to wonder does anyone have a functioning Nintendo? I kind of think we owe it to ourselves to play this game and really beat the bible. You provide the system I'll spring for the game. Thought shalt not glom thine eBay find.

The Adventure of Hawaiian Bunny

The Problem With Doing Nothing

So here I am at work and I finally have some real work that needs to get done. But now after weeks of inactivity the idea of a day where I have a dozen or so tasks that need to be done is really daunting. What's worse is that this work is nt fun. It's not like serendipiby hath wrath havoc on some pop culture event that merits some serious barbs. Nope this work is more along the lines of dicovering contact information for the former makers of the National Lampoon magazine and finding software to create funny name generators and several other little bells and whistles for the soon(-ish) to be revamped Jest.com. Doing nothing for weeks has eroded my (formerly cavalear) work ethic and now begins the slog back towards it.

I've also begun to look around the office and have discovered that we lack two very important things. The first thing I noticed was that we lack a plunger. After thinking on this for a moment I also noticed that we do not have a fire extinguisher. As a result of a less than stellar experience at the store in which I work on Sundays (the first hour was spent trying to unclog a toilet that always seemed about two seconds away from really overflowing), I've decided I"m far more concerned about the plunger. Sure a fire in a single elevator single staircase building may seem scary but I would be willing to bet for every fire in a building there are about 2,000 toilets that get clogged. Also do to proximity if such a problemwere to accure we here in the office would not be able to escape the stench.