Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chuck Klosterman is No Longer a Spin Writer

As Spin collapses and gets corpratized Chuck Klosterman has either left or been asked (axed) to leave. This is a shame as Chuck Klosterman is one of the most regularly entertaining writers in any field of our time. I'm not being hyperbolic* at all.

Let's pass around the collection plate for the poor basard.

*This is a lie. I'm always being hyperbolic.

Demitri Martin Is Blowing Up

Demitri Martin used to be way indie. Now he's all like on The Daily show and shit. He's all: "Screw you guys I'm off to play the Budokon, you suckers have yr fucking low cost chuckles at fucking UCB."

But then as all of Demitri's old fans were walking away he said: "Hey wait guys, maybe I'll come with you to UCB. Better yet maybe I'll do several inconsecutive nights of my obsurdist hilarity at UCB!!!"

Everyone rejoiced because Demitri is still way indie at heart. But now he's gonna be able to buy all his real fans shots of expensive hooch and hookers.

I'm definatly going to one of these: March 29th, April 1st, 3rd, and 5th at the UCB.

Also check out his My Space Song, it's a hoot.

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Fiery Furnaces "Benton Harbor Blues"

Post Rehersing My Choir it's hard to really know what to expect from the siblings Friedberger. They've said many things of the forthcomming Bitter Tea from which "Benton Harbor Blues" is taken. They've said it sounds like Devo, well guys um no. They've said it sounds alot like Rehersing, wrong again. It's more like pop songs, warmer I s'pose but really um no. It's an album you could put on at a party, well some wierd nerd party where everyone is on drugs. Basically, it's vintage Furnaces for some to hate for some (notably me) to love. Thank god.

Download, Listen, Discuss.
You could even check it out on my My Space Page.