Monday, November 14, 2005

Stupid Laws!

So apparently the video has been striken from the internet. Anyway David Cross is all up in the new Strokes video, that should be enough for you to get the answer to my little contest. Again David Cross is to the Strokes as Milton Berle is ...

The Strokes Stop David Cross From Filing For Unemployment

New Strokes Video David Cross is to Strokes as Milton Berle is to....

First Person to get this I will mail a dollar seriously!!!

Two in Five Coffee Lids Are Defective

My very scientific assessment of the state of coffee lids in America is that they suck. The tabs on coffee lids fail to lock in 2 out of 5 times. I've done the research! Go ahead test me!!!

Art Brut Leads To Indie Star Seeing Spree

Art Brut was every bit the spectacle you'd expect em to be. Striking rock poses and extending rants about Pete Doherty and any number of other subjects close to Rock and Roll's heart. Test Icicles made up for the genre disconnect between them and the crowd by being hilarious and totally spontaneous.

The other thrills of the evening were standing behind a very engaged Tim Harrington(Les Savy Fav) for the first half of Art Brut's set and seeing Mike Skinner(The Streets) waiting on line to get into the show like he wasn't a narrative genius. Indie-Rock star sightings make me want to ROCK OUT!!!!!!