Tuesday, February 20, 2007

There Giving This Shit Away

I don't know much of nothing about Mr. Tim Fite. I know his name is Tim(which I aprove of), and I know he's an undie or backpack rapper(I also aprove of this). But these meager selling points were enough to convince me to get his new album Over the Counter Culture, because he's GIVING IT AWAY!!!

As it turns out, it also happens to be the first great rap album of the year. Tim exudes the usual backpack anti-comercialism raps with an added sense of authority considering his new unorthodox distribution method. He's also blessed with a great slur and preacer shout that would make him a valuable asset to any number of crunk rappers. The beats here mercifully play in a more diverse palet than your average undie release without ever falling into the "who in their right mind would rap over such under produced noise mode," that seems to be favored by most indie raoe these days.

So you'll have to check this thing out, it's great and free. Download it from Brooklyn Vegan or from the man himself.