Friday, September 02, 2005

Kanye West is Amazing!!!

Kanye West in the midst of a nationaly televised telethon exclaimed that "George W. Bush does not care about black people." He is comendable in his insistance on speaking his mind.Here's the clip, courtesy of Jay "Monty" Miller.

Tomorrow Russell "Complicated" Berry, Tim "Nobel Prize Winning DJ" Duffy Martini Red. What are we gonna play?

Just thought I'd give all those unfamilliar with our little DJ stylings an idea of what we're going to play so I'm just going to stream of consiousness rattle off some bands and songs that I'm likely to play. Here goes... Kanye West, Postal Service, Les Savy Fav, The Clash, Parliment, Kanny Loggins, "Don't Stop Believing", Outkast, Jay Z, Franz Ferdinand, Tom Waits, Annie, De La Soul, Kraftwerk, Beck, The Go! Team, "Alright Now", "Video Killed the Radio Star", Kompakt techno, DEVO, and lots more. Come see how this all works together! It's happening manana 9'ish. It's been a long week, You Deserve To Dance and Party and Feeeeel!!!! All that is waiting on Staten Island. Martini Red 372 Van Duzer. As always $2 Pabst and some cheap shots.

George W. Bush, Leader in Times of Crisis

So I wasn't going to write about the Hurricane. I preffer goofiness to relevance. I really felt that having nothing to do with the situation I had nothing to add. Since it's every where though, and since everybody in the world is coopting it as there own I had a few observations that seemed worth sharing.

-President Bush spent the first two days of the storm cutting lumber and chasing possums around his ranch. Upon his return as people started freaking out about his lack of attention to the situation George went for his fail safe plan: Call Daddy and Bill Clinton. They'll make it better.

-Jerry Lewis is appropriating $1million from his muscular distrophy telethon for the disaster. Sorry muscular Ddistrophy. Guess a cure can wait til next year.

-My brother saw Green Day last night. Before he could tell me anything about the show I stopped him: "did they dedicate "Wake Me Up When September Ends" to the people of Louisianna?" answer "Yes." I'm kind of good at these sort of things.

-News sources are reporting that Fats Domino has been found, as his daughter saw him in a news report. This made me happy "Blueberry Hill" is awesome.

-The New York Times interviewed Katrina from Katrina and the Waves asking her opinion. What the fuck!

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