Wednesday, July 25, 2007

McCarren Pool!

Apparently there is still a chance that McCarren Pool will not become a pool again. And now even more in the corner of it staying a venue is the fact that it just became a landmark. This means it's got to go through a special comission before any renovations are done.

Thanks to the Gothamist for keeping us up to date on all things McCarren.

I have mixed feelings about all this. Sure, McCarren is one of the funnest places to see a show but shouldn't the pool serve the greater community and not just a bunch of hipsters?

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The Darjeeling Limited: And more Movies to look forward to.

Besides this week's The Simpsons Movie and next month's Superbad I was afraid that I didn't care about any upcoming movies. Then I saw the trailer for the new Wes Anderson movie and the world alligned itself again.

Then I started looking through release dates and found a monsterous list of movies I'm curious about:

Really Excited: The Ten, Be Kind Rewind, No Country For Old Men, Bee Movie,

Curious but not sold: I Am Legend, There Will Be No Blood, Sweeney Todd, Into the Wild(a drama directed by Sean Penn featuring a performance by Zach Galifianakis?!), My Blueberry Nights and Balls of Fury.

I guess it's not so monsterous, but sizeable.

Plus this Fall prepare yourself for the directorial debut of BEN AFFLECK!!!! Oh, god...

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Murray Record Release Extravaganza This Saturday!

Murray is Staten Island's finest rock band probably ever. They are a well oiled killing machine with an excellent post-punk/new wave sound that is referential without being pastiche. I'm very find of their new EP, I was lucky enough to be among the first to hear it. You can hear some of it at their MySpace.

This Saturday the band will begin selling the record at a big showcase taking place at Staten Island's own Alice Austin House. It's going to be a hell of a show with cool art, DJs, a short film, and a performance from the band. I highly recomend you go. Sadly I don't have the chance as my cousin's wedding is that day. Go in my place!

Didn't get Sonic Youth tickets? I can assure you your average Sonic Youth fan could certainly fall in love with this band. Plus when was the last time you explored Staten Island? Probably never huh?

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Lindsay's Mug

All things considered she doesn't look so bad.

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