Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Kinder Gentler IRA?

The IRA have renounced violence Here's their statement. As it turns out they've entertained the idea that there may be an "alternative method" to move towards a united Ireland. This method as it turns out, does not involve he murder of the apposing half of the country. Erin Go Braugh!!!

In Praise of Wolf Parade

Figured I'd better make a move and praise this band before every disinterested college kid in an ironic t-shirt has. Wolf Parade sound sort of like The Replacements had they come from outerspace. This of course betrays the basic assumption about The Replacements, which is that they are the most fundementally down to earth band of all time. Basically the connection is connected to the similar raspy drunk sounding vocals of lead singer Dan Boeckner and a certain yerning world weary quality to the songs. Do to a tour with the Arcade Fire and the fact that their forthcoming album 'Apologies To The Queen' was produced by Modest Mouse frontman Isac Brock this band is the safest indie rock bet in just about forever. They're sort of like Interpol to Arcade Fire's Strokes.