Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Say the right things when Electioneering"

President Bush today upped indecency fines to ten times their previous height. Today the Congress has decided to forego a constructive debate on Iraq by putting an empty bill meant to back Democrats (divided on a method/time table for troup reduction) into a corner. Last week it was gay marrage.

What does all this mean? Well it's the summer before mid-term elections and the conservatives are setting up the table the way they always do. Instead of a referendum on the party in power they're organizing a referendum on those Democrats who are all sodomizers, blasphemers, and anti-american troup haters.

Business as usual, I wonder if after 5 years of regress these tactics will be enough to keep the electorate in the GOP's pocket. I'll bet people just stay home this time around. Like, even more people stay home.

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Junior Boys ft. Andi Tomi "In the Morning"

Two years ago I was very late jumping on the Junior Boys boat. Well... let me rephraze that. One year ago I was already a year late jumping on the Junior Boys boat. This year I refuse to make such mistakes. Luckily they've made their new single easily enjoyable without long attentive listens. In some alternate world this synthed out pop tune might have been a hit. Instead it maintains just enough of Last Exit's icey veneer to keep it underground but steps up the head bob level about 80%.

Download, Listen, Discuss.