Monday, September 26, 2005

Musical Obsession Alert: You Could Have It So Much Better With Franz Ferdinand

I'm surprised to be so smitten with the follow up to Franz Ferdinand's debute. Not that I didn't love the first album. Not that I didn't recognize that "Take Me Out" was the most significant rock song since "Smell's Like Teen Spirit." Not that they didn't look dapper and have a cool band name. And they had just enough homoeroticism to make homophobes uncomfortable. I couldn't pin point why I wasn't more obsessed with Franz before, I still can't. But now the bug has bit me and with standouts "The Fallen," "Eleanor Put Your boots Back On," and "I'm Your Villain" Franz have further crowded the glut of rock albums aiming for my top 5. The album is out next week we should all buy it and make sure they become the biggest rock band in the world because Coldplay and the Killers are kinda lame and Green Day and U2 belong to another time.

I tried to attach pics to this bitch but shit aint sweet.