Sunday, May 07, 2006

iPold Withdrawal Week 1

So as of today it has been 9 days since my iPod was left with the good people at Best Buy.


-Buses are very loud. Loud enough to make you question their safety standards.
-Discmen or CD-Walkmen eat batteries like SUV's eat gas.
-Most people riding the subways actually do not have headphones on I would say less than a third. Somone should do a study.
-Skip protection is a lie.
-24 albums is not as many to have on one's person as you'd think.

More observations to come. Be assured.

Kosher Watch: Baskin Robbins

I was sort of surprised to find out that Baskin Robbins is almost all Kosher. Accept of course for Bubblegum falvored ice cream and Rocky Road, both of which mix meat and dairy presumably.