Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Panda Bear's People PitchCame Out Today!!!

So while the release of LCD Soundsystem's Sound of Silver threatens to pull the wind out of all other albums sales (see how I did that?), Panda Bear (1/4 of Animal Collective; duh) released a sublime and wonderful new album too. It is called People Pitch and it's almost as good as the last two (classic?) Animal Collective albums.

Here's a video everone's alread posted. If you haven't seen it yet I envy you because you get to enjoy it with new eyes and ears. Congrats! It's PB performing the albums centerpiece "Bros," which manages to sit somewhere between the Collective's folky wierd pop and Lumo style rythmic work out.

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Endorsement: Coffee.

I drink alot of coffee. It turns out However that my 48 oz. is actually only twice the average american. I was sure that I was drinking some frighteningly unhealthy amount. (Maybe I still am...)

No matter how you slice it I drink way less then Hugo Chavez. It's rumored upon visiting the U.S. last year the socialist was thrilled at the pressence of Starbucks' on every corner. President Chavez has publicly estimated he drinks 26 cups of coffee a day. Though if it's the girly tea party cups in the picture in the upper left hand corner here then that's not so impressive.(Then again maybe he's simply GIGANTIC!)
At the moment I'm working an office job which has resulted in me creating a schedule for my coffee in take:

Before 9 AM I stop at 7-11 on 23rd and pick up a 24oz cup of their Fusion Energy Coffee usually topped off with a quarter cup of Dark Roast.

At 11 AM I grab my 8oz cup of office coffee followed by fresh cups at 1 PM and 3:30 PM. It's a winning formula I haven't crashed yet!!!

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The End of Extras

It was hillarious, uncomfortable, and oh so short. No, not my first roll in the sack (everyone's first time? right?!) it was Extras and it's over. Ricky Gervais portly little genius he is has decided to pull the plug after two short seasons and an upcommming special, just like he did with The Office. His willingness to throw winnign formulas away is brave but I worry that the small screen may be bacoming too small for our hero.

Here's hoping that another equally brilliant show is somewhere down the pike and not just a sleu of films capitalizing on Night at the Museum.

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I Have DJ Gig This Week

It's at Martini Red. I'm guessing the Crystal Castles and LCD Soundsystem will play largely into my set. Also lots of early 90's rap. So anyway we'll see how well those things work together. Come down it's at Martini Red (372 Van Duzer, on the corner of Beach and Van Duzer). They've done some remodeling and there is now lot's of space for people to get down with their bad selves.

Stop by 10:30ish til Late.