Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wendy's Jr. Smokey Cheddar Burger

Let's hear it for Wendy's home of 5 chicken nuggets for 99 cents!!!! Hip Hip Hooray. Today I discovered the Jr. Smokey Cheddar Burger. It's $1.19 dream (that's $1.29 with tax). It's got that good honey cheddar sause and onions and I bought two to go with my nuggets. what a good thing. I think I'm getting acid reflux disease.

The Gays Have Infiltrated The Priesthood...

...And not just the kind of gays that like little boys. Nope, these priests like to take big veigny rod where God only hoped to unload the body's unpleasantries. Not to fear though the vatican has hired investigators to find any "evidence of homosexuality" in American seminaries. They'll do this by measuring anal circumfrence as well as complaints made regaurding the quality of drapery around seminaries.

Hold on a second. Who's this Queen?

Arcade Fire!? Tonight!?! Please don't rain too hard. Please.

First of all I'd like to say that the picture is in no way doctored. Those crazy Canadian's have their very own Time magazine. Wacky bastards.

Now assuming the Gods spend a little time in the blogosphere every day I would like to ask them not to rain too hard on the old Centeral Park where my brother and I are set to see "Canada's Most Inriguing Rock Band" tonight. You see a light rain might coat the evening in a rather desirable atmoshpere. A lot of rain would make me very damp. So come on gods throw me a bone here!

There own Time magazine! Adorable!