Saturday, April 30, 2005

There is not a sound in the world more custom designed to drive me insane then that of a vacum. It is just this great swath of white noise, and it absolutly fills the entire area that surrounds it. Having done my 10 year (yes we are in the 11th) tenure at the Village Shoppe I have had to be the cause of my own vacum induced nervous break downs on more than one ocasion (that, and not laziness, is why I refuse to vacum the card isle[sic]). Vacums worst sound ever!

So anyway this only my second post on this here blog. Actually, I totally gorgot* I even had it until I wanted to comment on ktdd's blog. So hmm maybe I will blog here more often. Not than anyone is going to read it.

*gorgot (gor-got) v: gorgot is a typo of the word forgot