Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

With 2010 behind us we are set to begin a new year.

After a particularly strong '10 season one might be inclined to expect the worst out of the coming months. Here are 10 reasons to be optimistic or maybe to get your knives out.

1) Wild Flag - TBA
Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss join forces with the perpetually underrated Mary Timony(Helium), I await with baited breath. Search them on Vimeo for some hard proof of their impending awesomeness.

2) Destroyer - Kaputt
The safest bet on this list. I've heard it, it's beyond solid. If you've dug into Bejar's last two 12"s you'll be incredibly satisfied with this slab.

3) Fucked Up - TBA
Somewhere in Canada one of the best bands of our time is working on a "rock opera" which was the subject of some characteristic band jousts around subject matter. With that currently settled I'm putting this on here with the hopes that this will be done and released next year. Don't let me down guys.

4) Jay Electronica - Abracadabra: Let There Be Light
Its a little dicey to bet on Jay-Z's Roc Nation roster. For every Kanye West there's been three Memphis Bleek's. But this Jay already has a great series of singles and mixtapes to his name. So here's hoping for big things.

5) The Wrens - TBA
Ok, I've been let down before. I'll probably be let down again. But I've heard the new material, so it exists. Come on guys.

6) Jay-Z and Kanye West - Watch The Thrown
"So Appalled" and "Monster" are album highlights on Kanye's batshit-crazy and for me uneven 2010 album. Here's hoping Jay can balance Kanye out a bit. (Not that I'm holding my breath.)

7) Dr. Dre - Detox
This can't be worth the wait. Looking forward to putting it behind us though. I guess it could be good.

8) Hunx and his Punx - TBA
2010's excellent compilation Gay Singles wet my appetite for this theatrical garage punk band. Hoping this year's full length debut is nearly as fun.

9) Radiohead - TBA

10) James Blake - James Blake
Loved James Blake's EPs and am sure there will be some solid stuff on his full length.

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