Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Daily Show, Activist Comedy?

The Daily Show over the pasty two weeks -indeed since the election- have been particularly forceful with a certain (common sense) point of view. After particularly insiteful and fittingly burning coverage of the hurricane Jon Stewart and crew have taken a huge step towards "Activist Comedy." A week before the Supreme Court is to make landmark decisions on teaching "Intellegent Design" in schools, the show has launched it's week long expose "Evolution Schmevolution." Let's hope this sort of thing has some weight in the world of politics.

Roberts Says Abortion is A.O.K! (The "A" stands for "abortion")

Judge John G. Robers, will surely be confirmed now that he's stated his support for Roe v. Wade. Well not exactly support, basically Roberts doesn't want to rock the boat. He likes it when nothing changes. He's a bit like a 'Leave It To Beaver' Justice. As long as dinners on the table and the boys clean behind there ears, abortion is okey dokey.

What's a bit disconserting is that the real important stuff Roberts should be pressed on is not on the minds of the public or the senate. Privacy rights, media consolodation, intelectual property laws, church and state, etc. But ya know as long as I don't have to knock pregnant women down flights of stairs (by "accident"), I s'pose I shouldn't complain.

Sigur Rós

So Sigur Rós was AMAZING last night inspite of what my lighting expert Ezra reffered to as shitty lighting for the first hour of the show (I didn't notice). The interesting thing however was the way the crowd did not know how to interact with the band. Applause came aquardly at the one minute mark of many songs, a long pause was accompanied by an overwhelming sense in the crowd that people were looking at eachother tryin g to figure out what to do, it seemed the crowd did not know how they were supposed to experience Sigur Rós. The cherry on the top of the evening was that the Beacon Theater left the lights on while the crowd (acustumed to encores) applauded wildly waiting for their Icelandic heroes to reemerge. They did for an old timey bow. Then they walked off stage again. Appluse continued. They emerged again for another bow. Walked off. Applause continued until the realization sunk in. No encore just bowing. Whatever they earned a bow, easily one of the top 5 most unique acts of the decade playing their songs damned near perfectly (yea Animal Collective they play their songs!) is something to applaud. Could've gone for that encore though.