Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm going to Chicago Bitches!!!

I'm gonna go to Chicago. It's in Illinoise the 6th state I've ever been (and the subject of the new Sufjan Stevens album). Chicago is going to be rocktacular!!!!!!


Os Mutantes are a super cool Brazilian band from the late 60's and 70's. How cool?! Well do you think Beck is cool? Cause he's a huge fan. How bout Talking Heads? Cause David Byrne's label released a best of package plus he wrote part of the liner notes. Think Fiery Furnaces are cool? Yup, they're fans as well. In fact you could say that their EP is pretty much a total homage to a certain bunch of Brazilian popsters.

Check them out! I recomend the song "Baby" there's a 1971 and 1968 version of the tune. Go with 1968 if given the choice. It's got a sweet ass guitar tone.

I've Just Exposed Myself!!

Upon sitting down on the Ferry I discovered that I had a hole in my shorts. In the crotch. Plus do to my impending trip to Chicago I wore no underwear. Had to conserve for the trip, ya see. So I spent my entire bus ride exposed to the commuters sharing the s48 bus. I'm red faced. Note to self check crotch before leaving the house everyday.