Monday, September 12, 2005


When My Space doesn't work it makes me muy sad. Needless to say, I am currently Muy Sad.

How does a white guy get on the black team?

With the most white America friendly African Americans (Kanye West, Oprah, and now Senator -and future president- Barak Obama) railing against the federal response to the disaster (ya know the big disaster), I'm wondering how a white guy who feels that all of this criticism is absolutely dead on can fall on the right side of the race war. I'm not saying race war is happening or even inevitable, I'm just saying that it's never seemed quite so close. Maybe during the LA riots. Ok, definatly during the LA riots.

Here's hoping the half of the senate that thinks criticly about things all unite behind President erm... Senator Obama, and start taking whitey down a couple of notches. If we don't it's there fault when the revolution comes. And say what you will, I know what side I'm on.

The fourth anniversary of 9/11, Castletone

So yesterday was everone tells me the "Fourth Anniversary of 9/11" I was sure that the date September 11th had happened at least dozens of times. Apparently I was totally wrong and stupid and why do I hate America?. It seems that the date September 11th was invented by George W. Bush to commemorate the fact that he was reading to school children in Florida. The day took on a new meaning as we all know and we now celebrate it every year not as the first time Mr. Bush was ever caught reading but the day billions erm... thousands of Americans lost there lives. I call it Paranoia Day, as it was the day that Paranoia was coopted from the neurotic fringe of the counry and mass produced for every person who makes their hom in the most aquardly shaped bull's eye in the world the US of A.

Castletone was a big throbbing success. For everyone. Accept me. The NYC Art Cypher (which is indeed a beautifully put together venue) only had two types of beer. Both cost $5. It's hard to keep the hard working students and cultural elite when they have to stretch their weekly booze money so far. But the bands were great, the art was really cool, DJ's uncomromised by requests for Maria Carey, and a good time was had. Next week me and Russell will be DJing Saturday at Ye Olde Martini Red (where there is always $2 Pabst! and inumerable beers). The awesome Dead Rabbit is playing! And a party shall ensue!