Thursday, October 06, 2005

Another top Five?

So to add to my attempt at setting distinct blogging goals for myself over the next 5 days as I count down my top 5 favorite albums I'm also goign to countdown the top 5 people I hope to see run and win the Whitehouse in 2008. I'm not goign to put Hillary on thelist, even though I think she'd likely be a pretty alright President. Howard Dean has essentially ruled out a run which sadens me so he won't be on the list either, otherwise you'll have to see who does make the cut. Starting tomorrow.

Top 5 Favorite Albums of All Time

So in the past few years I've revised any number of music lists. I was always apprehensive though to adjust my all time top 5 albums. In the past few weeks I've rethought methodology and realised that my list is now ery different than it has been. My top 5 used to have 'Paul's Boutique' it no longer does. It used to have 'Pet Sounds' it no longer does. It's now a list of the five albums I find myself returning to again and again. The five albums that have ever evolving meanings and places in my life. What is my top five? Well you'll find out number 5 tomorrow. And then subsequently you'll find out the other four one day at a time, but i probably won't update til Monday so ya know, deal with it it's my blog!