Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Larry "Bud" Melman Was Still Alive

Alot of people have soured on the late night talk show thang. They do the fake news thang, or the Adult Swim thang, maybe even the rerun of "Must See TV" from days gone by thang. Not me, I have DVR enough to enjoy all these colors of the rainbow. However a late night pressence even I haven't seen much of these past few years is David Letterman's charming drop in guest Larry "Bud" Melman.

I assumed the octo-generian was dead. Sadly just today that assumption has become a reality. Larry "Bud" Melman was an indicator of one of the most drastic shifts in television programing in history. In his own way a fellow like Malman paved the way for Tom Green and Grandpa Simpson. He will be missed. Seriosuly, I've been missing him for some time.

To add to my shock Larry "Bud" Melman's name is actually Calvert DeForest

Here's some classic Larry:

Larry Get's Change for a ten, in a Bear Suit:

Larry hands out hot towels at Port Authority:

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Liberal Movie Star Wastes Congress' Time, Psht

Jeez, these movie stars think winning an Oscar is enough to make them experts on public policy. Blockbuster movie star Al Gore went to Congress today to warn of Global Warming(boo!). Where do these Hollywood elitists get off?

An Inconvenient Article.

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Current Temptation: More New CD's, Earth's Hibernaculum

This week I purchased 2 CD's. Panda Bear's Person Pitch and LCD Soundsystem's Sound of Silver. Other than purchasing Marnie Stern's album at her show and a number of used CD's I have not actually purchased physical music all year. (Don't worry bands my eMusic subscription is filltering money to some of you; Deerhunter, The Besnard Lakes etc.) While at my beloved Other Music though I was drugged by the need to own physical music. I pulled myself away only spending $30 but have in the back of my mind burning the desire to buy a fancy new Southern Lord release.

Hibernaculum is a collection of reworkings of older material from drone godfathers Earth. Earth are a band I've spent very little time with but I feel as though I know them well. They are the primary inspiration for one of my most beloved current bands: Sunn 0))). Hibernaculum is a CD/DVD set and the packaging made it all the more desirible. I suppose the reason I pulled myself away was my lack of familiarity with the band but my interest is kicking that sentiment's ass right now.

Basically, I'll be surprised if I'm not popping into Other Music after my weekly comic run.

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WFMU 91.1, In An Office Without iTunes You're a Dream

I haven't listened to the radio with the regularity I have this past two weeks Since the 2004 launch of Air America. I haven't listened to music radio this much since the mid 90's. I'm smitten with WFMU. I've been finding myself listening all day in the office. I also found myself on Friday night enthralled in Yo La Tengo's annual live cover fest. I even found myself listening last night when the televisions in my home were occupied. In fact I was quite ammused by The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling.

Bored? Why not stream some?

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