Friday, October 14, 2005

My Number 1 Choice for Democratic Presidential Candidates: Oprah

No Bull shit.

My 1st Favorite Album of Ever All Time In History:Radiohead 'Ok Computer'

A true classic album needs no immitators. A true classic pulls a sound in and out and rips it to pieces and reconstructs it all in the span of 45 or so minutes. Ok Computer does that in spades. Recently the thing that I've revelled in is the way it merges with outside sounds. On the subway the sound of the train chugging along merges with the jangly pop of "Let Down." The sound of rain compliments "Paranoid Android" perfectly. The buzzes and white noises that Thom Yorke is fighting for in this album really set its tone. The album has been out for 8 years but doesn't sound a day old. Greatest Album Ever!