Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's Official! I'm Depressed.

Thanks to the inciteful journalism and analysis of this week's Newsweek cover story I am a hundred and ten percent sure that I (like Abraham Lincoln*) am very depressed. The best part? It doesn't make me any less of a man and there are lots of treatment options. None of which I can afford. I guess I'll have to just let my shattered sense of self slowly destroy me. This should happen at an accelerated rate since I am now so cripplingly aware of my unfixable misery.

Thanks again Newsweek. The article.


Ash Wednesday.

My psyche rarely lets a dream slip past REM sleep through the blur of waking up. Today however that same psyche warped as it is by my irish-catholic rearing allowed one through. I wandered from eatery to eatery looking for some (now unremembered) meat product and no one, not McDonald's or Popeyes, not local delis or pizzarias, had any meat. Instead all of them had a seemingly identical sign over there menu, a creudly drawn fish and a sign that said "Today Fish Special!" Either the good lord as stopped into my dreams to discipline me about nutrition or I've lost it.

Either way like a good catholic boy I've been scared straight and I don't think I'll be eating any meat on this Ash Wednesday. What effect this has on Friday's for the rest of Lent? I'll keep you posted.

Fan Boy Alert: Marnie Stern Update

Marnie Stern's album came out yesterday. Surely it is as we speak climbing it's way past Justin Timberlake in a chart race that will be historical. Like space race historical.

So Miss Stern is clearly going to be all up in music website's guts for the next few weeks and it's already begun.

Pitchfork (who seem to be teasing out what's sure to be a very good review for In Advance of the Broken Arm) posted a New Video! for "Every Single Line Means Something."

Stylus Magazine as a result of the fork's teasing taunting ways has become the first webzine to give our ol' girl Marnie a full on stamp of aproval She's Recommended!

And not to be out done my big brother has written about Marnie in his Weekly Album Pic. Now would be a great time to point out how insistant I was that he download the album.

Anywhoo that's all I got but I like making Marnie slightly more google-able as much as I can. Her album is out, give her your money.