Friday, August 26, 2005

A New Charity Single!

The holidays must be upon us because the indie rock elite (and ahem... Sum 41?) have put together a Charity Single (for UNICEF) called "Do They Know It's Halloween?" This was unearthed in Pitchfork's sprawling Unicorns article today. Check it. This single is clearly going to raise millions considering the star power. (ex) Unicorns, members of Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth, Beck, Karen O, David Cross! It's like a good old fashioned cultural-zeitgeist-moonshine brewed to perfection!

I'm Just Waiting...

I recieved my t-shirt from Neighborhoodies yesterday. It was like Christmas if on Christmas you only recieve one gift, from yourself, delivered to the office. So I know everyone is just dying to know what mine says. To reflect my image as a snobby indie kid (or is it to be ironic about that image by taking it to it's logical extreme) my t-shirt says "BAPTIST BLACKTICK." Yup, a Pavement song. A B-Side no less.

The shirt lead to an exchange with my mother this morning. She looked at the shirt disapprovingly, I defensively fired back (befoer she said anything) "It doesn't even mean anything."

"Then why did you buy it?!"

"It's a Pament song."

"It can be misconstrued."

"As What?!"

"I'm not doing this now." (and SCENE)

My response was lazy what I should have said is "It can only be miscontrued! It means nothing, a total non-sequitur. That's the point!" I didn't say this so I barrel onward.

"I'm just waiting waiting for the baptist
that sad suck-off left me in Damascus
I'm Just waiting waiting for the baptist
that sad suck-off, that shit left me now
I'm just wasting, wasting all the black ticks Queens way's rockers,
enough to make your ears twitch
I'm wasting, wasting all the Black chicks (tits?)
Some reddish sins, some grey - is it now ???
I'm just waiting, waiting for a black jet
That fucker...Ahhhhhhh...
That fucker left me now
that suck left me now
that sun left me now."

-"Baptist Blacktick" Pavement