Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Strokes YYY's TV Dilema

Both are on opposing Late Night Talk Shows* in a few moments. Hopefully they don't overlap but which do I choose whomever's on first perhaps? I'm leaning towards Yeah Yeah Yeahs because the material will be better and Letterman over Leno(4EVER!).

We'll see.

YYY's on Letterman, Strokes on Leno. Or was it the other way around? Trying to remember... Jose Gonzalez is on Conan I know. (Brooklyn Vegan told me.)

TV ADS: Elliot Spitzer = Bad Ass

I don't know if I'm an Elliot Spitzer fan boy or if he hasn't cracked the code to good political advertising(probably a bit of both), but man do I love those ads. They feel so much sleeker and less hokey than most political ads. All that and not an inch of negativity.

I suppose this is all easy when A) No one of note is currently running against you and B) you've actually had nothing but success. But really tray and watch these ads. (As soon as I find em on line I'll post a link.) They get the blood pumping!

I Love Metal?

Well not love. You see in general I think metal is awful. Sure I like Sepultura and Slayer. I've definatly thrown some horns up at a Deftones show. I've for sure gotten my jollies listening to Sabbath. But recently my metal fun has been few and far between.

That was until the past few months. Since I picked it up back in Novemeber I've fallen asleep to the durgy drone of Sunn 0)))'s Black One more times than I can count. And more significant I've internalized, memorized, and mulled over Boris's amazing grinding variety pack of a metal album Pink more than any other album released this year.

Today Pitchfork Media (who've been kind enough to legitimize my metal jonze over the past few months) announced the wonderful
news that Boris would be touring the U.S.! Want More? (yes) They'll be doing some of this touring with Sunn 0)))!!!!! Excited! (yes)Pumped!! I am!!!! Or at least I was til I noticed that this tour will not be darkening my city or even my tri-state area. I'm a New York elitist! I'm not used to this kind of treatment.

So until these bands decide to book a date somewhere in my radius I have little to look forward to. Accept for the sure to be fan-effing-tastic Sunn 0)))/Boris collaborative album(coming this fall). You take what you can get I s'pose.

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Herbert "Something Isn't Right"

The hype train seems to have accidentally left this classic synth pop song at the station. Here Herbert finds all kinds of fun things you can do with synthy strings and gorgeous back up vocals. The song rides an unchanged micro disco groove and tops it all off with more sweat than Cold Stone! Yeah analogies!!!

Download, Listen, Discuss.