Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shitty Day, Happy List

Ever have one of those days where the trials and tribulations of your own life festered inside your chest and stomach making you feel positively awful, only to have those feelings compounded with ever present reminders of the world's inadequecy. I had one such day. While I won't go into the specifics of my inner turmoil, I will mention that there was an extra high quotient of disabled and destitute people on the streets and subways today. There's only so much change a guy has in his pocket, yet an other personal short comming to tie my stomach up further.

But hey here's a list of things that made me feel good today:

-Borat number 1 two weeks in a row!!

-The direct action power of cinema: A man explained he was trying to return home to New Jersey after a check up at the Vet Hospital. While I was listening to him and ruffling through my pockets for some money a person in his twenties walked up. "I saw you in a documentary he said. I wanted to help." And handed him a handful of change. The man moved too quickly for me to ask him about the movie and the vet was unable to tell me the name of this film in whihc he was featured. Rats.

-The Queen a modern dramatization of the struggle between Tony Blair and Queen Elizabeth's disagreement about how to handle the public fall out of Princess Diana's death is actually one of the best movies I've seen all year. Go see it.

-The rumbling of the train undernieth the Angelica. Actually a sort of pleasant addition to the movie going experience. Seriously.

-New release Tuesday! Often the highlight of my week in general two albums lifted my spirit today.

Joanna Newsom's new sprawling five song probable masterpiece Ys. has failed to really capture me. Yet it's gorgeous packaging and fantastic vibe has me assured that I will give it every second it deserves.

The effing "D" released a new album today and I'd be lying if I didn't scream at the top of my lungs about how psyched I am about the movie as well as the album.

-Veronica Mars with it's cool theme song (Dandy Warhols' "We Used To Be Freinds") and Kristen Bell walking around with wet hair. (Wish I had a still.)

-One week anniversary of taking back the United States Government!!!!

-Tortelini, superior to Ravioli in ever way.

The U.S.A. Now Less Progressive Than South Africa!

The south African government has okayed gay marriage, making it the 5th country to do so. This means that a country who stopped segragation decades after us has now officially surpassed us in granting minority rights.

An Article.