Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Greatest Celebrity Team Up Ever

Someone greenlight this sitcom!

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Jackie Mason: This Week's Don Imus

Jackie Mason and ahem Raoul Felder (who is in charge of overseeing judicial ethics in New York, and who was Rudy Giuliani's divorce lawyer) have written a book. Apparently this book is so terrible that the rest of the judicial ethics staff have recently passed a vote of no confidence in his ability to judge judicial ethics. Governor Elliot Spitzer is also putting the squeeze on him. Amongst the moderate racism apparently throughout the book there is also the suggestion that anytime you hear the word "allegedly" it's probably true.

But really the reason I've posted anything here is to post this abismal clip of Jackie Mason slagging Barak Obama. Apparently he should go for a job he's qualified for "like head waiter."

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