Monday, August 08, 2005

Everything is Illuminated: The Movie

So Iam not what one might call a book reader. Oh sure I read books (mostly about music or politics). But I s'pose I just care very little for narratives and the like. But one of the few novels I have enjoyed in the past few years is becoming a movie making the print version obsolete. Here's the preview. Does it look awful? I can't really tell myself. It does look expensive as far as movies go, and that's really expensive.

Patrick Get's His Appendix Out

So I had a fairly active weekend, Linda and I saw 'Spamalot,' DJ'ed, M.I.A, etc. But I shant regal you with stories of these activities because that's not what my blog is about. But I will tell you that my brother went to Kanton Ohio home of the footbally hall of fame (as well as some extended familly). He was there to celebrate Steve Young's induction (in relating this story I said Joe Montanna several times, clearly I'm hardly a man). Rather than celebrate his favorite player's induction however my brother decided to have his appendix burst (ew).

"Rip Rip Gonna Rip Em' Out Now!"