Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Summertime is Fading Fast

So post-collegate summer is an interesting phenomena. I know summer is comming to a close not because I'm buying a Trapper Keeper but because interns are buying Trapper Keepers. Two weeks ago Joanna left, Nicole and Matt both leave this week. My heart she is weeping. I've brought on a new Matt however as well as a Rustin (I s'pose he'll have to be like Nicole, though he's not quite as pretty). I need more interns. People I can believe in. Anyone interested in interning at Jest as we become a daily content comedy webzine can feel free to contact me at Here are some other examples of how I can tell summer is ending.

-My little brother's birthday.
-The movies have less explosions.
-I'm less interested in Broken Social Scene's You Forgot it In People
-Cool Breezes (s'up with the weather? the past two days have been cool. Where are the dog days?)
-Televsion hype has reached a fever pitch. (fingers crossed Everybody Hates Chris)
-People are running off for last minute vacations (but not me).

SNL the Rebirth?

So every few years Lorne Michaels revamps SNL. This usually means he fires the writing staff and dumps a bunch of performers who never got a chance to show what they were made of ( Rob Riggle it seems has been dumped). This while sort of sad has lead to at least two rather fruitfull seasons. However the idea of SNL sans Tina Fey (pregnancy is a cancer) is rather scary to me.

Also there has been no attempt to curb the trend of teeny bopping hosts, in an attempt to court press. Ashley Simpson will jig across the SNL stage again this season.