Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Only Way Off the Island

Bob Denver (Gilligan, duh) took the quick route off the island. Perhaps without his complicating their plans with his absent mindedness and side splitting screw ups, the rest of the gang can make it back home. Unlike last week's Estelle Getty post this is a confirmed kill. Like in Doom. RIP sailor.

Who's Looking Out For You? Bill O'Reilly?!

Bill O'Reilly has suggested that oil companies bring their prices down 20%, because there is no reason to make record profits whil people are suffering. As a liberal I'm stunned and a bit uncomfortable saying this but Bill O'Reilly has a point here. It's obvious and it's clearly not going to make a difference that he's saying it but kudos none the less.

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Those who are my My Space friends know that almost every day I have a "Best Song Ever" posted in the bulletin section. So it seemed a good idea to begin posting those here as well so that all who are interested could know what I'm listening to today. Here is a whole bunch from the last few days:

Bright Eyes "Poison Oak", Bruce Springstein "Johnny 99"

When compaired to the old new-Dylan our new-Dylan doesn't stack up so bad. See Bruce Springstein upheld Mr. Zimmerman's lyrical ambition with out ever curbing his intention to bring those words to masses. Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst on the other hand has taken the opposite aproach. He's willfully obscure playing in Dylan's playground of the obserd. Making up fake stories of drowning brothers. Releasing album of country and disco pop to his emo brethren. Interesting however when I hear "Poison Oak" I'm thinking Nebraska not Bringing It All Back Home. What Oberst and Springstein have in common and have over Dylan (the only thing) is a connection with the common man, something Dylan was always just too damn retentious to maintain. God Bless him for it. And God bless the other two for meeting us halfway.

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Franz Ferdinand "Gonna Make Somebody Love Me"

When Alex Kapranos woke up tonight (?) he was gonna make somebody love him. I hope all went well. In the end though it doesn't matter cause this song is easy to love and that means that Mr. Kaprano will be loved for his wonderful tune forever.

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Randy Newman "Louisiana, 1927"

I've been really depressed about all this hurricane stuff. Aaron Neville sang this song on that telethon last night which also included Kanye West speaking out in a genuine (ie: not cue carded) way about the situation, both in New Orleans and in our society. But anyway this song is strikingly preciant. It is about a flood that occured in 1927 whihc killed about 60 people.

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Spinal Tap "Cups and Cakes"

This heart felt ode to a little party is wonderful. It's the sound of people being polite and having a nice time! Aw.

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The Fiery Furnaces "The Wayfaring Granddaughter"

The Fiery Furnaces album is not as hard to wrap your head around as Blueberry Boat. Not as easy as EP. What it does is split the difference between the two and throws grandma in for good measure. The album is heavy on the piano and this track follows suit. However it also layers a nice sense of disjointed synths and jarring rythms. And what of Grandma? Well she does sing so much as over read the lyrics in sort of a Kermit the Frog croke. It's a hell of a song on a hell of an album.

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Wolf Parade "I'll Believe Anything"

Wolf Parade is where I've gone to save me from my impulse to listen only to Late Registration. This song in particular is excellent and shows that Canada's indie mecca-dom will hold far more dominance over the decade than Brooklyn's.

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Kanye West "Heard 'Em Say"

Rather than open the epic new Late Registration, with the kind of knock you over hilarity of "We Don' Care" Kanye kicks it off with this sweet little heart string tugger. Of course we have to accept that the singer from Maroon 5 sounds pretty sweet and man that hurts.

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Tom Waits "Chocolate Jesus"

I'm not a religious man. But brother if Hershey's got involved as Tom Waits suggests on this little banjo lead rag, I may just join the priesthood.

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Okkervil River "For Real"

This is a big depressing and epic riff rocker taken from an album about a black seep that occasionally takes that phrase literally. It's sort of triumphant sounding misery which is really the best kind.

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