Thursday, August 04, 2005

Engineering Bras vs. Styrofoam Space Ships

After World War II the government initiated the GI bill. Millions of men who couldn't have dreamed of higher eductation were now going to college. This lead to an influx of innovative engineers who were able to move our country into striking new directions by building new machines, reshaping cities, and developing our space program. In the time since more and more people are going to college. Higher education while still the exception is enjoyed by a vast swath of people.

Which begs the question why the hell are astronauts in space ships covered in foam?! I think we waste an exorbinate amount of dough on the space program but if you're gonna do it, lets not skimp on the engineers who make these things run and discover the new and innovative safety features. I mean what are all the well trained and inventive engineers and scientists doing that they aren't working for NASA? The answer...

Engineered bras! That's right college educated anylitic thinkers are lining up for jobs at Victoria's Secret. Now I love titties but they weren't hurting before. Did I miss the titty tragedy were 8 of our brightest young titties were burned upon re-entry?? DidI??