Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's Ash Wednesday...

Offer a Roman Catholic a pre-moistened towelette. Ya got a little something in your forhead area. It looks like maybe you cleaned a chimney with one awkwardly cross shaped area of your forehead.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Show Your Bones' the Slow Leak?

Apparently Comedy Bad-boy AKA: Comedy Heart-throb Aziz Ansari "grabbed the new YYY's album last night." He posted two links to songs and said us suckers could get the rest ourselves. Soulseek is not being forthcomming with the album (why ya gotta be a dick Soulseek?!?!). Here's the links "Honeybear"
and "Phenomena", I prefer "Honeybear."

The album's out March 27th.

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Young Jeezy "Soul Survivor(featuring Akon)"

On paper this song is shit. Young Jeezy has an unimaginative flow and deals in fairly standard Coke, violence, smacking bitches kind subject matters. Akon has a silky smooth R&B voice, all nasal croon and catchy gangsta posturing. But it all comes togather in a way that makes this white boy feel a-ok. I think it's Jeezy voice which seems to eminate from his lower intestines somewhere.

Download, Listen, Discuss.