Thursday, April 13, 2006

Baby's First Brooklyn DJ Gig!

That's right. The mighty Paul Bruno has been kind enough to share his Saturday rompus at Camp in Brooklyn. He and I will be spinning the kind of hip music the hip kids like. 10:30pm til ???

It's the day before Easter. whihc means for one day you can indulge all of your hedonistic urges cause Jesus is too dead to notice!!!!!

Come down, party, drink, dance, listen, be my friend. Be Paul's friend.

CAMP is located in Brooklyn at 179 Smith Street between Warren and Wycoff.

(Bergen Street F or G)

Pandora Is An Amazing Little Thing-y

Oh thing-ys. They can be a real hoot. Mostly I enjoy thing-ys that are user friendly and offer services you didn't even know you were dying for. Pandora is a music play list making thing-y and it's great. You put a band or artist in and it suggests other bands/artists you would be into. It's not a hundred percent of course. (Arcade Fire leads incongruously to Jimmy Eat World.) But sometimes it's really interesting.

I'm well into my second hour of a playlist springing from Jens Lekman. It's included The Sea and Cake, Antony and the Johnsons, Saturday Looks Good To Me, and a number of bands I'd never heard of. Check it Out

It's Holy Week!

You know what that means...

That's right it's Stations of the cross time kids!!! Check out a sort of disturbing digitized run through of the stations here (scroll down and click on "Praying the Stations of the Cross" undernieth the "Lent and Easter" header) and pray for Christ's sake! As if there was another reason.

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Johnny Cash "Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart"

Sometimes I feel like all the good rhyme schemes are taken. I listen to the immediacy and simplicity of a song like this Johnny Cash classic and I get sad about there not being any songs that touch on this sort of simplicity.

The other thing is every line is a bad pun,
and that's always fun.

Download, Listen, Discuss.