Friday, April 28, 2006

iPod Don't Fail Me... Oh You're Gonna Fail Me? Well Allright

My reliant little 20G U2 special edition iPod has fizzled out. I am now left to take it in to Best Buy. They will then take 2 to 4 weeks to repair it and I will have to reload all of my music (the thing was filled to capacity) back on. I feel like I've just had in door plumbing taken away.

What's Better Than Chinese Food?

Effing Free Chinese Food! One of the perks of temping in a fancy office is that occasionally(like once every other week) there is free food.

My fortune: "A merry heart does good like a medicine."
Are crude ethnic stereo types writing fortunes?

"Iran Is Defiant Before U.N. Nuclear Report" -New York Times

Iran defiant?! No Way Your jerking my chain. You're fiddling with my emotions. Your playing with my privates. You're just making up craziness. They've been so nice up til now. Now they're being defiant? Why would they do that? Don't go around making stuff up. People hate that. Nooooo, really? You fooling? Iran the guys with the death to America art work commisisioned on their government buildings? The one we didn't invade? Defiant? Really? Did Jayson Blair put you up to this?

Today's "Best Song Ever"

The Avalanches "Electricity"

Playing music while walking can have a profound effect on the way your walk feels. Some songs make walking feel epic ("The Gash," "Teenage Riot," anything by Ennio Morricone). Other songs make your walk into more of a strut ("Aint Nothing But A G Thang," and of course "Stayin' Alive"). The Avalanche's "Electricity" does both of these things painting your stroll from poitn A to point B with an air of cinematic grandeur.

Download, Listen, Discuss.