Friday, March 23, 2007

Times New Viking, A Band That Makes Me Want To Eat Bic Lighters

In a Good Way? In a GREAT WAY!

One might be lead to believe Pitchfork also likes them. But why then, I ask, why would Modest Mouse's latest snooze fest (with a 7.8) rating crack the recommended release pile, while the superb Present the Paisley Reich with an 8.2 be left to flounder as the third review of the day? Why?

This band is amazing. They also have intellectual currency as they get to reignite the ol' lo-fi as asthetic choice debate. (Any band on the same label as Cat Power can probably afford to have their albums mastered.) What else do they have? How about another album (their debut) that is called Dig Yourself? How bout super cool indie hotties for us all to gawk at? (2 guys and a gal to satisfy both gender preferences.) They have a Guided By Voices pedegree, comming from Ohio and releasing the two aformentioned albums on Siltbreeze Records and making the leap to Matador. On top of all that they have my favorite band name in foreva'.They are sure to be hot shit if you travel in circles that imbibe illegal substances and don't mind a bit of hiss in their music.

So why do I wish to eat cheap lighters when I hear this band? I don't know. I guess it's sort of a turn of phraze(?).

Times New Viking on MySpace Page.

They also have an official site.

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