Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Last Show of the Summer

It has been a truly excellent summer for concerts. I have probably taken more full advantage of the myriad of free shows available to us locals than ever before. It all came to an end this Friday however. On the eve of September The Seaport played host to two of the buzziest bands of the years.

Deerhunter 86% - This show with newly sanded down line up and as a result a newly stoic Bradford Cox was not even close to as engaging or revelatory as their show at Mercury Lounge a few months back. But that is nit picking. The music did the talking here and it was a wash of familiarly disorienting art-pop. Voyeurs might have been disapointed, fans were quietly pleased to say their band was more than a side show.

Battles 54% - If there was ever to be a break through of "math rock" this band is probably it. With good reason their album Mirrored is the finest bit of prog ambition and tight musicianship a fellow can ask for. However, if you know me you'll know complimenting musicianship is as good as complimenting the lighting design of a play. I don't care for flash. I want personality and impact and alas there wasn't a whole lot of that on display during Battles' set Friday.

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