Monday, September 19, 2005

Does this Blog Make Me Look Fat?

I'm not the thinest mint that's for sure. I'm jogging these days and no longer eating Taco Bell 4 times a week. But a comment posted on my previous post suggests that perhaps I have a fat writing style. Not fat like "phat," Fat like where is my johnson I can't see it when I look down in the shower. Here's the message:

Anonymous said...
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If you're gonna call me tubby do it in private sir.

Arrested Developement Comes Back Tonight!

Let's not kid ourselves t is an absolute miracle this show hasn't been cancelled. Thank God though that the television gods have smiled upon Arrested Developement for another season. It's clear however if people don't watch the best sitcom (maybe the best American sitcom*) since Seinfeld, it's going to be cancelled and soon. I intend to enjoy the shit out of it until it dies it's slow and painful death. I suggest you do the same.
*The Office