Sunday, April 02, 2006

Serena Maneesh Live Northsix 4/1/06

It's important to note that the least shitty note worthy thing about Serena Maneesh and their performance at Northsix last night was that the lead singer was dressed like a gypsy. That is the least shitty thing.

The 6 foot plus blonde that provides Serena Manees with lush back up vocals was a no show last night. The not quite half capacity audience seemed for the most part to be less than thrilled to be at a show at all. All of this set the cards against Serena Maneesh. They could have tried to sell us but instead they tossed off.

I like a good drone. I love Fennesz. I enjoy the Sun 0)))) album a ton. I've listened to Metal Machine Music more than once. Few live music experiences make me more thrilled than watching Ira Kapplan wield his guitar around and make chaotic noise.

Having said all that Serena Maneesh had no substance to their fiddling. I spent the duration of the show wanting to take their instruments away. I wanted to tell them "Maybe you can have this back when you grow up." Instead we left early. I wonder why the show didn't sell out?