Thursday, February 22, 2007

Craig Ferguson Makes A Noble Move, Britney = Deer in Cage

He's no Conan but I have to say I'm pretty impressed with Craig Ferguson's swearing off of Britney Spears Jokes. Watch his monologue.

I watched Sunday morning as any number of average folks strolled into the Village Shoppe and vilified Miss Spears. I told as many of them as I could muster that I blamed society, and that I blamed people for caring to much about the minutia of this girls life. Some reacted positivly but most of them just spouted on about how much money she had. "If I had her money I'd be the most... blah blah." It all seemed terribly un-seemly to me. These bitter people angry, genuinely angry at this girls who's clearly having problems. And all that set them off was that she shaved her head. Her own damned head!

So kudos Craig Ferguson, maybe I'll watch you in a year when Conan moves to 11:30.


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