Thursday, February 22, 2007

NBC Is Taking 30 Rock Off For SIX WHOLE WEEKS!

What a bunch of turds! Yeah I said it. It's pretty re-turded to take such a promissing and critically lauded show off just as it's begining to hit it's stride. Now I don't want to come off as unappreciative. I realize the higher ups at the bird net could've taken this show off months ago. I also must admit that NBC and I have been havign a bit of a love fest as of late. The Office is pretty much always my weekly TV highlight, SNL is funnier than it's been in forever, I've even begun considering giving Heroes another go(shoulda gotten on that before this weekend's Comicon). On top of all of this NBC is putting out the new Andy Richter sitcom Andy Barker P.I. (which could actually end up filling the 30 Rock spot). So I guess I'm not comming at you angry NBC, I'm a concerned viewer.

I know it's hard NBC but really do what's best for comedy. Isn't that what large multinational corporations are for? Isn't it?

Some of what we'll be missing after tonight...


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