Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday.

My psyche rarely lets a dream slip past REM sleep through the blur of waking up. Today however that same psyche warped as it is by my irish-catholic rearing allowed one through. I wandered from eatery to eatery looking for some (now unremembered) meat product and no one, not McDonald's or Popeyes, not local delis or pizzarias, had any meat. Instead all of them had a seemingly identical sign over there menu, a creudly drawn fish and a sign that said "Today Fish Special!" Either the good lord as stopped into my dreams to discipline me about nutrition or I've lost it.

Either way like a good catholic boy I've been scared straight and I don't think I'll be eating any meat on this Ash Wednesday. What effect this has on Friday's for the rest of Lent? I'll keep you posted.


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