Thursday, March 02, 2006

Today's "Best Song Ever"

Fiery Furnaces "Benton Harbor Blues"

Post Rehersing My Choir it's hard to really know what to expect from the siblings Friedberger. They've said many things of the forthcomming Bitter Tea from which "Benton Harbor Blues" is taken. They've said it sounds like Devo, well guys um no. They've said it sounds alot like Rehersing, wrong again. It's more like pop songs, warmer I s'pose but really um no. It's an album you could put on at a party, well some wierd nerd party where everyone is on drugs. Basically, it's vintage Furnaces for some to hate for some (notably me) to love. Thank god.

Download, Listen, Discuss.
You could even check it out on my My Space Page.


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