Friday, July 22, 2005

Improv Comedy in Central Park

So UCB threw a free night of improv in Central Park. At first I was certain it would not be too packed being a Thursday. Of course upon seeing the line which was inhumanly long I assumed a) we would not be getting in and b) it would not be particularly fun seeing sketch comedy in such an uncomfortable setting. But Jessica (the only person I know who wasn't a lame ass about coming) and I were actually quite impressed. It helped that they pulled out all the big names: Paul Sheer (Best Week Ever), Horatio Sanz (SNL), Rob Cordurry (Daily Show), and even the Annoying Cell Phone Guy!! But most notable was the pressence of the entire founding UCB team (including the SNL minted Amy Poheler).

What I was most struck by however was Rob Riggle. He was clearly the MVP of the evening and I officially think he's the least effectively used current member of SNL's cast.


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